Tides from Nebula was formed in early 2008 in Warsaw. Right from the beginning its line-up consisted of Maciej Karbowski, Tomasz Stołowski, Adam Waleszyński and Przemek Węgłowski and remain the same untill the end of 2018, when Adam has left the band, and TFN officialy became a threepiece.
But before that, they finished year 2018 in a spectacular way, playing a birthday show for 1000 fans gathered in their hometown Warsaw, Poland. As TFN is far from being a local band, they toured heavily all around Europe and Asia, expanding their fanbase gradually with each album.  These days it’s not an overstatement to say, that they are one of the most respected and well known instrumental rock bands in Europe.

After a three year break, one of the most respected European instrumental bands will return with their much anticipated fifth studio album. ‘From Voodoo to Zen’, which will be their first album as a trio, will be released on 20th September 2019 via Long Branch Records (SPV) and Mystic Production.

“It seems that being a three piece made us work harder and challenged us to write better music. I’m pretty sure this is one of the reasons the album ended up so rich and epic sounding.” – Maciej Karbowski

“Musically and visually this new record is a sidestep for us, which came subconsciously. We just followed our gut feeling and as we were recording in our own recording studio, we could work on every small detail and I am sure that this album will develop with every listen. We are super curious about the listeners reactions.”

‘From Voodoo to Zen’ is unarguably the most epic and huge sounding album that Tides From Nebula have created so far. The LP is produced/recorded by the band at Nebula Studio and mixed/mastered by Jacek Miłaszewski at 4dB Ride.

Their music could be described as rock, if it were not for the fact that they have never needed a vocalist. Tides from Nebula willingly points to ambient music as a source of inspiration, however, it is dynamicity and vividness that are most important in their compositions. Certainly, some of the stylistic influences which the band draws on are Oceansize, Deftones, Radiohead, M83, Niels Frahm, you name it. Their latest album “Safehaven” is perhaps Tides From Nebula‘s most accomplished record to date. The production is brilliant, their sound has taken another step forward and is superbly well balanced and straight to the point. There are no vocals and no samples, but every song has a story to tell and together they form something special.

‘Aura’ – 2009
‘Earthshine’ – 2011
‘Eternal Movement’ – 2013
‘Safehaven’ – 2016
‘From Voodoo to Zen’ – 2019

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